There are a lot of advantages to traveling during the off season including lower plane fares, cheaper hotels, better room choice, and shorter lines at the airport and your destination. While for many locations summer is the busiest time of year, every location is different and has its own busy time such as winter for ski destinations. offers information to help you avoid the crowds and determine the best time to travel. provides information about crowd levels: knowing how crowded a particular location or venue has been in the past can help predict how crowded it will be in the future and help one choose the best time to go. This when to go information can assist in planning a trip to avoid the crowds. Examples of questions this site helps answer: “When is the least crowded time to go to Disney World in Florida”, and “when to travel”.

The site plots the approximate number of passengers arriving monthly at US and international airports, each month. Patterns are often apparent in this plot, helping site users see what months fewer travelers fly somewhere, and which months more people tend to fly.

Posts also often include a second chart, which plots how full the planes flying to a particular airport were, again monthly. The approximate percentage of the total seats that were occupied on average over the flights flying to that airport is shown. If one prefers to travel on an uncrowded airplane, and who doesn’t, this plot can likely help one increase their chances of finding an uncrowded flight. This might be done by choosing to fly in a month where the percent full shown in the second plot is lower than in other months. Keeping in mind that while historical data can help predict future trends, sometimes things do change, and also within any particular month there may be large variations due to holidays.

There are many ways to utilize and navigate this website. In the right column of each page at the top is a search box into which visitors can type the city name and/or airport code they are interested in. There is also a drop down menu with a list of states and regions. Selecting a state will show a menu of airports in that state that crowd level has information for.

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